Content marketing services are key to your credit union’s success!

From this definition you can likely see the value of content marketing, but the question remains… why is it important to your financial institution? Well, here are 5 reasons you might consider making content marketing services a priority for your credit union:

1. Gives People a Reason to Visit Your Credit Union Website (From Social Media or Other Linking Site)

As you build and engage an audience on other networks and websites, it’s important to keep your eye on the prize. You are building relationships with people on social media, but eventually you do need to drive them to your owned-media, and that’s your website. You control all the content there and thus you can better convert traffic to new members.

But users won’t leave social networks for no reason, so content gives them the motivation they need to come see what you have to offer. Sharing a blog, e-book, or video is a great way to encourage people to leave social and head to your credit union website to learn more.

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