Could credit unions fill the student loan gap for some furloughed federal workers?

While the credit union footprint isn’t large, this could be a step in the right direction.

Last week Edwardsville, Illinois-based Scott Credit Union offered help to members who are furloughed federal employees that aren’t being paid because of the government shutdown. The plan could help those with student loans who are about 24 hours away from their first payless payday. Scott, in partnership with Sallie Mae, offers the Smart Option Student Loan for undergraduates with variable interest rates from 2.25% to 9.37% APR, and fixed interest rates from 5.74% to 11.85% APR.

“We are offering a six month, 0% APR Government Shutdown Loan to members who are government employees and will be without pay during the Government shutdown,” Scotts said in a press release on Friday. “We have developed a loan program that will help our members during this financial hardship.”

Scott, which calls itself the official credit union of the St. Louis Rams, will let furloughed members borrow up to 100% of their most recent two-week net pay at 0% on a loan term of six months. The first payment is not due until 30 days after the loan closes.

“Members will need to have had their government payroll directly deposited into a Scott Credit Union account or provide a current paystub,” Scott said in the statement. “To qualify, you must be a current member of Scott Credit Union in good standing.”

For example, if $1,000 is borrowed and the rate is 0% APR for 6 months, the monthly payment would be $166.67, with a payoff amount of $1,000.02.

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