COVID-19: The CU volunteer & business lending perspective

I’m so fortunate at the Foundation to have a board that is truly diverse in its representation of our credit union system. I have credit union executives, system partners, a league president and credit union volunteer board members. As we go through this COVID-19 together, I asked my board members to give me some sense of what they are doing and thinking about to ensure the financial health and well-being of their members and employees.

Below is a summary of the responses from our credit union volunteer board members:

How are you thinking about this as board members for your credit union?

“We want to ensure continuity of service but in a safe manner to protect members. We are encouraging members to utilize remote services as much as possible in order to limit exposure, but have assured them that traditional services will continue to be offered but with enhanced safety steps.” – Howard Spencer, Northland Area FCU (MI)


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