COVID hiked digital banking users but improved CX keeps them there

Health concerns due to coronavirus accomplished a migration to digital banking services that neither marketing nor technological advances had done nearly so well with. Improving the scope and type of customer experience research conducted for banks and credit unions can build on COVID-era growth.

As more consumers and businesses adopt digital channels, the key to maintaining this momentum and even increasing it will be making processes as devoid of friction as possible.

Banks and credit unions face a two-fold challenge here. On one hand, they need to keep up with digitally savvy segments who love digital and want every improvement your institution can make. On the other hand, solutions presented must provide experiences that ensure that digital newcomers are making the most of digital services.

To accomplish both goals and to guide more customers toward being self-sufficient digital consumers, financial institutions need to be able to identify digital hurdles and help their customers overcome them.

COVID-19 has permanently changed consumer attitudes to digital banking. Today, digital-first is a given. Yet this digital surge has left many financial services customers — and organizations — struggling to keep up with accelerated change.


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