Crafting a strategic marketing plan for credit unions

In this very competitive financial landscape, credit unions have no choice but to differentiate themselves to attract and retain members. A well-crafted, strategic marketing plan is essential to making this happen. It’s not all inclusive, but here’s a peek behind the curtain of how we craft our credit union strategic marketing plans, walking you through a plan that aligns with your credit union’s mission while also driving growth and member engagement.

Step 1: Understand your credit union’s mission and goals

Every credit union marketing plan starts with a clear understanding of your credit union’s mission, vision, and long-term goals. That is, assuming you have a well-defined mission and vision (if not, we start there)! This ensures your marketing efforts are aligned with the overall direction and ideals of your organization.

  • Mission Statement: Reflect on your credit union’s mission. How does it serve the community? What are its core values?
  • Goals: Identify both short-term and long-term goals. These could include increasing membership, improving member engagement, or enhancing financial education programs.


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