Credit union audits go remote: Here’s how to do it

We’ve all felt the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic in every aspect of life. Credit Unions across the country are shutting their doors. Those that have survived have largely moved operations online.

Changing protocols. Lack of face-to-face communications. Unorganized emails. The day to day operations of a remote credit union is complicated. Then throw an audit into the mix? Audits are an intensive task at the best of times. Winging it on your first remote audit could be a real recipe for disaster.

But if you’re feeling confident in your team and want to work from home, the folks at Redboard have a few tips.

What to Avoid While Running Remote Audits

  1. Being Disorganized – While working from home, emails will be pouring in. Keeping those emails and necessary spreadsheets organized could be a job in itself. So have a protocol to make it easier to keep everything straight.


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