Credit union best practice: How to respond to comments on social media

Here's a few great tips for how to respond to comments on social media

Having a social media presence and good content is only half the battle. Your credit union should also be utilizing social media as a way to connect and interact with your members. Here are some examples of how your credit union should respond to comments on social media!

  • Answer Questions As Soon as Possible and Thoroughly

What differentiates your credit union is your customer service and willingness to help. Millions of people are on social media on a daily basis and some even use it as a primary way of communicating. If you’re not actively monitoring it, you can be missing out on questions from your members.

Hubspot is a perfect example of awesome social media support. In this case, a user was unable to reach support on their website, so she turned to social media. Hubspot replied with several ways to contact support, and within 20 minutes her problem was resolved! Now that’s customer service!

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