Credit union branches 2016: Building relationships

Three mantras to keep top of mind.

Branches have been foundational to the credit union service proposition since the beginning. What’s more, branches continue to deliver unique value to your members today, remaining one of your most strategic assets.

Focusing on fast-evolving mobile and digital platforms is vital, but so is investing in branching. For consumers, there are simply times when business is best conducted face to face.

To keep forging forward in meeting members’ needs, keep the following three mantras top of mind:

  1. Self-Service Delivers Speed and Convenience.

Your branch should be designed to serve members in any way they want to be served, and having the right self-service strategy in place helps you achieve this. Surveys, time and again, reflect that members value convenience and speed. And self-service works best when technologies deliver the same level of service that a live teller gives. So if a bank of smart ATMs makes it convenient for members to access their accounts, deploy the technology.

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