Credit union collaboration, giving make social media blitz a success

The Illinois Credit Union System (ICUS), in collaboration with over 850 organizations, took social media by storm for the 2nd annual #ILoveMyCreditUnion social media blitz on July 29. The goal of the grassroots campaign was to encourage authentic high-energy conversation across social media platforms to build credit union awareness.

The campaign saw participation from all 50 states and 11 countries around the world.

With a global reach of more than 6 million people and a hearty 55,000 active engagements, the real success of this year’s campaign shifted to the creative content generated by over 7,000 people. ICUS produced a new, user-friendly website for the campaign providing tools for organizations to download and deploy.

“We saw an increase this year in original and impactful content coming from credit unions around the world,” Staci Hering, ICUL director of outreach and engagement said. “We were impressed with the amount of customization there was across all social media platforms. We’re thrilled to see credit unions personalizing the campaign and really making it their own.”


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