Credit Union Facility Solutions: Branch-supported organizational transformation

7 keys to facilitating change in your physical locations

One of the most effective starting points for organizational change is creating a new branch business model and prototype. The reason it is so effective is that it requires engaging all elements of your organization.

Most staff work in the abstract world of information technologies, financial products, regulations, forms, processes and metrics. Creating a branch is building something tangible together that can be experienced in a uniquely visceral way. The process of creating a new branch model creates a common language and set of physical brand goals that all involved touch and experience together. The process breaks down silos and forces all sectors to cooperate toward a tangible mutual goal.

Branch transformation of the sort that can support organizational transformation includes seven key considerations:

  1. Branch audits – Most branch networks are composed of a variety of legacy, acquired, freestanding, in-line, in-store branches and offices built and remodeled at different times over the past 30 years. They do not provide a standard operating model, consistent experience for customers and staff or a strong brand image. Auditing all branches provides foundational information about image, size, condition and opportunities.
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