Credit Union HealthScore Update: Q1 2013

by Tom Glatt Jr

The Glatt Consulting Credit Union Industry HealthScore has been updated to reflect credit union performance data from the first quarter of 2013. The latest score calculation is 2.446, an improvement over Q4 2012′s 2.339. Additional score details and trends are included in this post.
The Glatt Consulting Credit Union Industry HealthScore rose to 2.446 from Q4 2012′s 2.339, but the updated score represents a -.71% change over the same period the prior year – the first such period-over-period decline since Q4 2010.

Glatt Consulting’s HealthScore is based on a 0-5 scale, with 0 being very unhealthy and 5 being extremely healthy. To arrive at the industry score, Glatt Consulting first calculates credit union industry health in eleven different critical financial measurements, including net worth, return on assets, efficiency, expense management, credit quality (through delinquencies and chargeoffs), member relationships (through member deposits and loans), loan to share, and membership and asset growth. These individual component scores are then aggregated into the composite industry score.

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