Credit Union House works with local charity to end food waste

Credit Union House has long provided a “home away from home” for credit unions in the nation’s capital, but a recent partnership with a local food bank has deepened its connection with its community, while helping to provide hundreds of meals for those in need. Credit Union House serves as a venue for credit unions and other Washington, D.C. organizations, including Congress, to hold briefings, meetings, receptions and other functions, hosting 100 events on average per year.

Credit Union House connected with Food Rescue, a nonprofit that connects food donors to food banks and other receiving agencies, earlier this year, resulting in hundreds of donated meals.

“The credit union motto is ‘people helping people,’ and at Credit Union House, it’s only natural we would look for ways to help people in our community,” said Sue McCue, Credit Union House director. “We work with green-certified caterers that recycle, compost, and use locally-sourced, sustainable ingredients. Our work with Food Rescue ensures all surplus food from events at Credit Union House gets to those who need it the most.”


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