Credit union know-how: Make time for time off

Six strategies to help you work harder not longer so you can take a vacation!

When was the last time you took a vacation? Not just a few days off to get things done around your house or to run errands, but a real break away from work?

I just booked a week-long family vacation, and my family is counting down the days. I love my work, so if I don’t purposefully schedule vacations, I can get caught up in scheduling clients and programs and not create space in my calendar for time off. When I take a real break from my normal routine and work, I always return feeling renewed and re-energized, and with more clarity to handle the daily demands.

Back in the 1970s, researchers predicted that technology would increase efficiency and reduce our workloads so we could take more time for rest and leisure. Yet more professionals are now taking their smartphones and tablets on vacation to keep up with the constant demands of work. The result is a society of leaders who are in constant overdrive, on the verge of burnout, and disconnected from their personal lives.

Compared to 1970, American managers work an additional month per year. We take the least amount of vacation of all developed countries around the world. Yet time away from the demands of work may be the best productivity booster for your organization.

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