Credit union leadership matters: The power of the middle

How to identify and push the performance of mid-level leaders—and why it's worth the effort

John Maxwell’s “law of the lid” asserts an organization cannot outperform the leadership ability of its managers. A key skill of every successful C-suite leader is the ability to recruit and empower all-star mid- to senior-level managers who can create the massive innovations and advances that dramatically strengthen brand and improve profitability.

Consider how CUES member Paul Trylko responded when I asked how CEOs can accelerate their results.

“Focus your efforts on getting the right people in the right seats and develop them,” said Trylko, president/CEO of $740 million Amplify Credit Union, Austin, Texas. “Manage the organization with a high-level dashboard and give your team (the right people) flexibility, and accountability, for the dashboard results.”

Trylko and leaders of his caliber understand the importance of building leadership in the middle of the organization. Teams This article provides an example of leading from the middle, the characteristics of middle-focused all-stars, and advice on leading these high performers.

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