Credit union lending about to take rise in the rustbelt?

As touched upon briefly in the post earlier this week, How to Use Efficiency to Grow Small Business Lending Solutions, there’s good news going on for the Rustbelt states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Small and medium size businesses are experiencing sizeable growth, and 2016 looks to be more of the same as these business owners look to reinvest in their business and employees. Having the right credit union lending solutions available can have you ready to get in on this action.

The November 2015 Michigan Future Business Index, published Dec. 22 in partnership with Accident Fund Insurance Company of America and the Michigan Business Network, revealed these findings that we wanted to share with you.

It’s the ongoing revenge of the Rustbelt, as cities once built upon steel, coal and blue-collar muscle power are now returning to vigor with new businesses and an optimism missing for decades.

In Ohio, the health care industry, led by the expansion-minded Cleveland Clinic, is transforming Cleveland’s economic landscape. A couple hours to the east, in Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh real estate is going through the roof, driven by a spate of entrepreneurial types too young to be held captive by the city’s steelmaking past. And in the Wolverine state, Michigan, sales are up, companies are hiring and the mood is upbeat.

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