A credit union lending event for everybody

It’s entirely possible that no two attendees will have the exact same experience at this year’s CUNA Consumer & Residential Mortgage Lending School. At this comprehensive event, set for March 27-30, 2017, in San Diego, professionals get to create their own itineraries by choosing from more than 40 expert-led sessions in five distinct tracks.

Lending Compliance
Regulations, the agencies that administer them and the exams that ensure your compliance are always changing. At the Lending Compliance track, you can catch up with the latest lending rules and learn how to maintain propriety in a dynamic regulatory environment.

Consumer Lending
The Consumer Lending track delves into a diverse array of topics to show how to create a better, more lucrative consumer loan program that effectively addresses your consumers’ financial needs.

Mortgage Lending
In terms of both revenues and reputation, mortgages are important for your credit union. The Mortgage Lending track will sharpen your understanding of real estate lending and explore the obstacles and opportunities of this important field.

Lending Leadership
Success in lending is about more than number crunching; it’s about leading your department with ambitious goals, sound industry knowledge and the savvy to take risks that pay off. Through the Lending Leadership track, you can learn how to bring this type of leadership to your credit union.

 Hot Topics
The Hot Topics track is your chance to learn about the issues that are dominating the conversation. From elder abuse to collections and bankruptcy, these are the most urgent lending challenges of today’s industry.

Will you go all in on one track? Or will you create a blended curriculum? Either way, you won’t get a more complete lending update anywhere else than at CUNA Consumer & Residential Mortgage Lending School. View the schedule to see all of the sessions and make your choice on which to attend each day of the school.

Arrive early for the optional pre-conference, 8 Hour SAFE Comprehensive Mortgage Loan Originator Course as this course was designed to meet the continuing education requirements of the SAFE Act.

To learn more and register for CUNA Consumer & Residential Mortgage Lending School, please visit training.cuna.org/crml.