Credit union marketing: Incredible email nurture campaign results

This year we ran a ‘Back to School’ email nurture campaign for one of our clients. The main goal of this campaign was to get people to the credit union’s website and promote all the great content the CU has to offer their subscribers and members. The results were out of this world! Take a look and see if there’s some ideas you can implement for your own credit union marketing.

Email 1 Subject: [3 Blogs] College, Credit Card Spending & Beyond 

Sent: Wednesday @ 5:41PM – 15.28% Open Rate

This email was sent to their entire email list – over 20,000 people. Most of these contacts are current members, but some are contacts from eBook downloads or blog subscriptions. The open rate was a little low, but we were thrilled that 63% of the people who opened the email actually spent time reading the ENTIRE email. This almost never happens!

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