Is your credit union ready to rev up its revenue?

At NAFCU’S 2018 Strategic Growth Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, March 5-7, your credit union will learn a variety of innovative growth strategies from the industry’s very best. From creative ways to successfully capture the millennial generation, to new ideas for credit union rejuvenation, the agenda is packed with ways to inspire your executive team to maximize your credit union’s full potential.

Brett King, co-founder and CEO of Moven (the world’s first mobile, downloadable bank account), will deliver the keynote address. As a world-renowned futurist and author, King has garnered international success for his inventive take on the direction of banking. His keynote—on the astounding and unconventional changes innovators are bringing to banking—is critical to hear if you want to prepare your credit union now to stay relevant.  

Attendees will also learn ways to win the fintech and payment wars, plus ways to increase credit union share-of-wallet by learning best practices of the industry’s most successful.

If you strive to boost your credit union’s revenue and surpass the competition, plan now for your trip to Nashville, one of Travel & Leisure Magazine’s “Best Places to Travel.” Register with code GROWTHSAVINGS by January 12 to save $200. It’s a great way to take advantage of this exciting opportunity to elevate your revenue, beat your competitors, and gain a real view of the future of financial services.

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