Credit Union Security: Take an Enterprise Approach

Credit Unions are beginning to understand the disadvantages of disparate security operations.

Securing the credit union has never been more challenging. Today’s security professionals must play dual roles—proactive assessors of threats and stewards of the institution’s resources.

They thwart old-school robberies and burglaries, while also responding to evolving threats such as electronic fraud and organized crime. And in addition to protecting assets, they must now monitor, manage—and maximize—resources.

In this environment, security professionals committed to process improvement are maximizing resources by engaging technical solutions and services that can improve operational efficiencies while detecting and mitigating risks.

These realities present a unique opportunity to broaden the view of credit union security. Instead of the traditional single-branch approach, security professionals can look across departments, sites and channels.

They can transcend the traditional approach to security in two important ways:

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