Credit union youth start the school year right with valuable financial tools

by. Cyndi Cohen

As young people around the country bid farewell to summer and say hello to another school year, they are starting out fresh and ready to learn. Unfortunately, one area that often gets overlooked in the classroom is financial education.

While some schools recognize the importance of financial literacy, and do devote resources to its teachings, many are still lacking. However, young credit union members are fortunate to have a plethora of financial tools and resources at their fingertips. And as a new school year kicks off, this is a great time to take advantage of some of these benefits, and perhaps even share them with your classmates and school.

Maybe you had a summer job and need a safe place to deposit your earnings. Maybe you’re planning to work part-time during the school year, and want an account where your money can grow. If you’re off to college, a first-time debit and/or credit card might be in order. And, along with all of these, you need the right guidance to properly manage your money, build your credit, and practice good financial behavior. Your credit union can provide all of this, and more.

Tools Designed to Brighten Financial Futures

Credit unions are on a mission to help young people who are in vital need of financial intervention and support to become financially literate members of society. They offer dedicated checking accounts and credit cards, as well as financial education especially for youth and students to help ensure a brighter future for those 25 and under.


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