Credit union member social media sentiment report

You might be surprised what consumers say about banks and credit unions in social media. Here’s the first installment in a series of quarterly sentiment reports from the social media monitoring experts at digital agency iQ, brought to you exclusively by The Financial Brand.

“Social Listening” is a practice that allows us to examine all forms of social interaction (blogs, forums, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) to find out what people are saying about a particular subject or brand and where they are saying it. It’s a fast way to get insights into real consumer attitudes versus what they report, which, of course is not always the same thing.

Discovering what consumers are saying reveals actionable insights and marketing opportunities for financial companies. It can tell you where in the social media landscape you should be present in order to influence relevant conversations. It can show you the true impact of your marketing campaigns, and the effect of culture and seasonality on the behavior of your consumers over time.

This is the first of an on-going quarterly report that will track the sentiment of consumers towards banks and credit unions as revealed by social media. Overtime, the Consumer Sentiment Report will track trends in key areas important to the business of banks and credit unions. These include:

Consumer sentiment about big banks, regional banks, credit unions, and financial service offerings.

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