Credit Unions for Kids: Small change, big impact with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

Have you ever considered the impact your everyday transactions can have? For Credit Unions across the country, a simple swipe at the ATM from someone who is taking out cash can now mean a world of difference for kids. This innovative partnership between Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMN Hospitals) and Credit Unions for Kids (CU4Kids) is making a splash in the world of charitable giving.

Small change, big impact

Imagine this: someone is visiting a Credit Union ATM, grabbing some cash for the weekend. As they complete their transaction, a prompt pops up on the screen. It says on the screen that the Credit Union is donating a small amount (say, a dollar) to CMN Hospitals. Seems insignificant, right? Think again.

These seemingly small donations add up quickly. With thousands of Credit Unions across the U.S., even a dollar here and there can translate to a significant boost for CMN Hospitals. These funds go towards supporting critical care for children in local communities. From life-saving treatments to cutting-edge research, every dollar makes a difference.


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