Credit unions’ jobs program builds bridges

Effort ‘opens new doors’ for the local Latino community.

Four Madison, Wis.-area credit unions are offering career opportunities for Latinos through a local job-building program, demonstrating what community stakeholders can accomplish when they share their resources and expertise.

It’s another inspiring example of how credit unions are creating awareness of the credit union difference by building bridges within their communities.

The Career Igniter program includes as partners CUNA, the local nonprofit Centro Hispano, Madison College, Dane County Credit Union, Heartland Credit Union, University of Wisconsin Credit Union, and Summit Credit Union.

Scott Lopez, CUNA’s director of human resources, is a board member of Centro Hispano, an organization that empowers Latinos.

Lopez helped develop the program as part of his National Credit Union Foundation Development Educator Training. The program features teller training, computer classes, financial education, and professional development.

Participating credit unions serve as an advisory council for the program, provide speakers, and offer jobs to qualified candidates who complete the program.

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