CU Awareness: Let’s win with words

We need all CUs speaking about the industry in a clear, compelling, and unified way.

As CUNA works to advance the credit union movement, the health of credit unions and the financial well-being of their members are foremost in our mind.

But we’re also thinking about those nonmembers who would benefit from the most consumer-friendly option in financial services.

While lack of awareness around credit unions, membership eligibility, and our wide range of products and services serve as barriers to growth in the market, I also see these challenges as opportunities. And I believe through the Credit Union Awareness Initiative the industry can take advantage of these opportunities.

In fact, through this initiative, the credit union system can ensure that as many Americans as possible know about and understand credit unions with the hope that addressing misconceptions and clarifying our identity will prompt more consumers to choose credit unions as their best financial partner.

Last year, the Creating Awareness Advisory Group, which is leading this effort, came together to identify what, exactly, holds back awareness of credit unions and to determine how to resolve that problem.

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