CU cool-down: Take the heat off your credit union marketing department

Our credit union marketing departments are incredibly valuable and often under a lot of pressure to perform when it comes to increasing purchase mortgages. They need to reach sales goals, stay under budget, and sometimes perform miracles for their CEOs and their mortgage teams.

But is putting the heat on your marketing team the best method to produce results? 

With football season upon us, let’s go to a football metaphor here. Many coaches lead and train their players using this “put the heat on” approach. A lot of shouting, reminding them of the goal constantly and other efforts like these are part of their every day practice and in the games themselves. This can definitely produce results, but sometimes it can backfire. Players are run down into the ground, self-esteem is lost, and some players’ careers are shortened greatly. The “tough love” approach does not always work in football and it does not always work in business.

Your mortgage department can try a different, more effective approach by bringing something to the marketing table.

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