CU Visioning 2030: Re-imagining & creating your credit union’s future

In breaking from creating my traditional community contribution article format, I wanted to submit this outside-the-box “share a scenario” survey for credit union leaders that I use with staff and boards as part of my strategic planning facilitation process. This is a time for innovation and reset and I hope this will be a useful tool for thinking about your future. Enjoy!

Creating your credit union’s future scenario…

It is now 2030. You are on a cruise ship heading toward the preferred future of your credit union. You are getting closer and closer until you dock in front of it. You look around smell the air and listen to the sounds coming from within.

You open the door. You enter. You are there – in your credit union’s future!

  1. What is your credit union of the future doing that makes you happy, gives you satisfaction and bliss in 2030? What is it not doing that used to give you pain and cause you dissatisfaction in 2021?
  2. How has your credit union changed and what has been the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic since you attended your credit union strategic planning session in 2020?
  3. What socio-economic trends have impacted your CU since 2020?
  4. How are your staff/board structured differently in 2030 than they were in 2020?
  5. How are you serving your members differently in 2030 than in 2020?
  6. What role has technology development played in your credit union’s operation and in serving members?
  7. What is your credit union working on? How is it spending its time in 2030 that is different from how it spent it in 2020?
  8. What is the evolving role of your CU branches?
  9. Describe your credit union’s most innovative initiatives since 2020
  10. What new products/services has your credit union created since 2020? How large is your credit union in 2030 in terms of members/asset size/branches and staff?

Hopefully this exercise will help your credit union’s leadership team think about how you want to transform your credit union into a purpose-driven preferred future for your members.

Go forth and create your credit union’s vision!

Happy planning!

John Vardalas

John Vardalas

John A. Vardalas CAE, CUDE is Founder/CEO of The AmericanBoomeR Group, a Madison, Wisconsin based speaking/consulting firm. He is also a frequent speaker and facilitator of strategic planning ... Web: Details