CUES’ First Brazilian Member Excited to Attend CEO Institute

It’s been a pleasure getting to know CUES’ first Brazilian member, Roberto Cesar Durscki, credit cards quality and operations manager of Sicredi, the largest credit cooperative system in Brazil, with more than 2.3 million members in 10 Brazilian States, more than 1,000 branches and $11 billion (U.S.) in assets. He’s excited about attending his first year of the three-segment CEO Institute in April, and we’re excited to have him join the group! So you could get to know him, too, he agreed to have me post this email Q&A about his interest in CUES and professional development, as well as his credit union and the movement in Brazil.

Q: How did you learn about CUES?

Mr. Fred Johnson (retired CUES president/CEO) met our (World) Council (of Credit Unions) Brazilian represenative Mr. Manfred Dasenbrock and our Finance Director Mr. Joao Tavares at Gdansk(, Poland), in July 2012. At that opportunity they exchanged information about their institutions, and that’s how CUES was introduced to Sicredi.

Q: How did you get interested in attending CEO Institute?

I’ve been discussing with some executives my intentions to continuously evolve my executive education, since I finished my masters in 2007. I explored some institutions like HBS, Stanford and Columbia, but CUES seemed to be the perfect fit–combining excellent institutions with a tailor-made agenda for CU executives.

Q: What are your career goals?

I haven’t set specific career goals; I prefer to seek Sicredi’s goals and trust my career in the best way the board finds fit. Naturally I believe that through dedicated management, education and successful projects, my career shall improve along with Sicredi.

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