Culture managers and heart taps mark lobby reopening at Blue FCU

The Wyoming-Colorado credit union is striving to maintain safety and culture as it works to restore operations.

Blue Federal Credit Union ($1.3B, Cheyenne, WY) wants to make sure members don’t see red when they enter one of their credit union’s 16 branches in Wyoming and Colorado, so “culture managers” will be there to help greet them as the cooperative restores normal operations in this new reality.

The cooperative’s 16 branch lobbies are reopening a couple at a time in an operational wave Blue projects will be completed by Memorial Day.

On a dedicated webpage, the credit union lays out the progress of its branch openings and highlights the heartfelt greeting members will receive instead of a handshake. Extensive protective measures also will be in place, including floor decals indicating where to stand and face masks staff must wear while interacting with members or one another.

Here, Jordan Pretty, vice president of member services at Blue FCU, describes how the credit union he’s served for 10 years is handling member service since COVID-19 dramatically changed operations and how some semblance of normalcy is returning.


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