CUNA regulatory relief campaign aims for more favorable environment

A credit union-friendly majority in Congress presents a major opportunity for CUNA, state leagues, credit unions and members to work toward true regulatory relief, CUNA leadership told attendees at a Tuesday webinar on CUNA’s Campaign for Common-Sense Regulation.

“We have a great opportunity to take full advantage of the strength of the CUNA/league system, and this campaign will help unleash our secret weapon: the voice of the credit union member,” Nussle said. “The members of the new Congress were elected to respond to voters, and speaking from experience, I know how important it is to listen to those voices.”

Nussle added that the campaign is a pro-consumer, bipartisan effort that will ultimately benefit the financial services marketplace by allowing credit unions to better serve their members and businesses.

CUNA’s advocacy agenda is to reduce regulatory burden; expand credit union powers; enhance payments security; and preserve the credit union tax status.

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