CUNA updates Campaign for Common-Sense Regulation toolkit

CUNA released new resources Tuesday for its Campaign for Common-Sense Regulation toolkit, resources designed to make it easier for credit union stakeholders to engage policymakers on the need for regulatory relief. New items include educational materials for employees and members, a media center and a look at how other credit unions are engaging their members.

Under the “What Other Credit Unions Are Doing” tab, CUNA members can view sample communications that have been sent out from credit unions to their members about the importance of engaging with policymakers on the need for tailored regulations that allow credit unions to better serve their members.

Other resources CUNA offers for stakeholders include:

  • Talking points for legislator visits on current and pending legislation and how it would offer relief, and in some cases, additional discussion points;
  • Information on how credit unions can schedule legislator visits, then how to successfully execute the visit to ensure it’s productive;


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