CUNA Urges NCUA To Hear Out Credit Union Appeals

Credit Union National Association (CUNA) President/CEO Bill Cheney said the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) should not only give full consideration to the evidence that Commodore Perry FCU, Port Clinton, Ohio, has given in its appeal of an NCUA examination determination, but also should “take every opportunity to demonstrate the fairness, objectivity, and transparency of its appeals process.”

Cheney made the comment following news that NCUA’s Region III director rebuffed the credit union’s challenge to its examiner’s conduct, a decision also questioned by the Ohio Credit Union League.

Commodore Perry FCU recently challenged an NCUA examination determination, claiming that an NCUA examiner moved to lower its CAMEL rating as an act of retribution.

Commodore Perry FCU President Thomas Renz told News Now his credit union reported an NCUA examiner’s “extremely unprofessional” conduct to agency superiors, and asked for a new examiner.

However, the NCUA examiner that was the subject of the credit union complaint was allowed to
complete his examination, in spite of the credit union complaint. The final report resulted in the lowest examination ratings that the credit union has ever received, Renz said.

The findings were challenged by Commodore Perry FCU. NCUA Region III Director Herb Yolles, however, upheld the agency’s decision and NCUA’s Supervisory Review Committee (SRC) agreed.

Commodore Perry FCU’s examiner misconduct claims were investigated by the NCUA Office of the Inspector General (OIG), but the OIG said it could not find evidence of detrimental conduct by its examiner.

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