CUNA watching credit access, Yellen testimony this week

Both chambers of Congress are in session this week, with a Friday deadline for passing a funding resolution to fund the government into the next fiscal year. CUNA is monitoring a number of hearings this week, including a U.S House Financial Services subcommittee hearing covering several bills related to consumer access to mainstream financial services.

“Most of these bills deal with either credit scores and making sure credit scores accurately reflect a borrower’s creditworthiness, or the insurance of brokered deposits,” said Ryan Donovan, CUNA’s chief advocacy officer. “CUNA will be sending a letter to the committee commending them for considering the credit score bills, and also encouraging them to consider other legislation to help consumer access to mainstream financial services.”

The hearing, conducted by the House Financial Services subcommittee on financial institutions and consumer credit, will be held Tuesday starting at 10 a.m. (ET). It will be streamed live on the committee’s website.

Other hearings this week that CUNA will be monitoring include:

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