Customers are switching – is your credit union safe?

Lines. A generation ago, standing in line was routine for almost any sales or service-related activity: Checking out at the grocery store. Buying a ticket at the movie theater. Getting a cab from the airport taxi rank. Checking into a hotel. Paying tolls on the highway. Depositing your checks at the bank. Even asking a question or solving a customer service issue usually meant waiting on hold or navigating a complicated phone tree.

Fast forward to today. To most customers, waiting now signals an outdated or broken experience. That’s because technology innovators have revolutionized every single example in the previous paragraph:

  • The new Amazon Go store leverages sensors to track customer purchases; just bag your items and head out.
  • Apps make it simple to buy your movie ticket at home, download a digital hotel key or hail a rideshare to your exact location.
  • Vehicles with telematics transmit real-time data to pay tolls automatically, erasing interruptions from your drive.


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