Cyber Monday: Time to consider your cyber identity

Thanksgiving and Black Friday have already passed, and now, for many of us, the real fun begins on Cyber Monday. While we are searching the whole web for the best deals on new clothing and that big TV, it is also a good time to put some thought into our digital identities.

What is Digital Identity?

The internet has essentially become a necessity in our daily lives; both work and personal. Whether we like it or not, every interaction we make online helps to create a more comprehensive identity of our digital selves. Digital identities are not only your shopping history and google searches, but also include how you use your apps (fitness, sleep, etc.), where you have taken Uber rides, the social media updates you have posted, the friends you interact with, your credit, and so much more.

Why should you care?

Businesses collect and own all these different pieces of data about you and your digital interactions. In a way, it is easy to argue that businesses know more about you than you know about yourself. Some reputable companies will collect your data and actually use it to try to serve you better, similar to how Netflix or Pandora will try to learn about you in order to offer better suggestions for new movies or songs you will probably enjoy.

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