Cyber Threat Q&A: CUNA Explains May 7 DDoS Warning


Critics of CUNA’s decision to publicize a possible May 7 DDoS attack led by the hacker group Anonymous have been numerous and vocal in their complaints to Credit Union Times – “fear mongering” is the usual charge.

But the trade association believes it did the right thing.

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In written responses to questions late Tuesday, the trade group explained its decision in warning credit unions to be aware of the threat to take down their websites, including considering warning members to avoid online banking that day and come into the branch.

Q: What did CUNA think would be the gain from publicizing this?

CUNA: We believe that credit unions are better forewarned rather than not knowing. Seeing an event develop before their eyes and having little, if any, information at their fingertips for why it is occurring can be disconcerting.

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