Cybersecurity training for your customers

Despite widespread news coverage about the increasing number of cyber attacks – according to Trend Micro, ransomware attacks on banks climbed by a staggering 1,318% last year – financial customers are seemingly unconcerned about the risk hackers pose for their accounts and data.

As reported by SCMedia, FICO’s recent 2022 Digital Consumer Banking and Fraud Survey found that financial customers are “too complacent about the risk certain fraudsters pose, with only 5% worrying about real-time payments fraud, and many unwilling to accept new fraud management measures.”

Despite the growing cyberthreats, nearly three-quarters (72%) of U.S. financial customers believe “their banks do enough to keep their money safe”.

However, nearly half (46%) of U.S. financial customers part of the FICO study claim to have been victims of fraud and “nearly one in five (19%) have suffered account takeover fraud scams”.


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