How DE training changes lives: Marlene Shiels & Joanne Todd

Four times a year, credit union professionals from around the U.S., and some from around the globe, gather for a one week credit union “boot-camp” filled with lessons in principles, philosophy, history and more. While many aspects of what goes on during Credit Union Development Education (DE) Training remain unknown to those who haven’t joined the secret circle, there is one aspect of the training that is well known – it is life changing.

DE is more than just a training, it is a life changing experience that helps those who attend to grow not only professionally, but personally as well. Often times this experience helps credit union professionals to discover and ignite a passion they didn’t know existed, which ultimately benefits their credit union career.

To highlight the incredible successes that can come from attending DE Training, we have started capturing the stories of past attendees and learning how DE has changed their life.

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