What is the Defense Credit Union Council?

Maybe you’ve heard or read a little about the Defense Credit Union Council (DCUC), but what do they really do? I recently spoke with Anthony Hernandez, President/CEO of DCUC, to find out more about this interesting organization. I’m a veteran and credit union geek, so I was more than happy to talk with Tony!

First and foremost, DCUC is a specialized membership association that represents all credit unions on military installations around the world.

Why have a special association?
DCUC has a close working relationship with the Department of Defense to ensure members of the United States Armed Forces and their families are provided financial services in the finest traditions of the credit union philosophy.

For example, DCUC helps credit unions abide by the special operating agreement to be on the military base, which is more complicated than typical operating agreements. Similarly, the association helps credit unions understand and comply with the Military Lending Act or advocate for changes on their behalf.

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