Defining brands by how they make a difference

Brands exist in a world with global challenges. 

As our planet grows smaller and smaller, thanks to growing interconnectivity brought about by advances in communication technology, the Internet, commerce and travel, brands will continue to play a greater role in addressing these challenges, not only for their own marketing posture, but for the benefit of the global community.

As the World Economic Forum, an international organization committed to public-private cooperation, suggests, the world’s biggest challenges will require the active involvement of both public and private sectors. From a macro-perspective, the WEF identified the 10 biggest global challenges that concern both governments and brands in 2016 as follows:

  1. Food Security: Ending hunger and improving nutrition worldwide
  2. Economic Growth: Ending drastic income inequalities
  3. Unemployment: Stimulating job growth
  4. Climate Change: Reducing greenhouse gases that lead to global warming
  5. Global Finance: Recovery from the last financial crisis and continued growth
  6. The Future of the Internet: Increasing beyond the 43% of the world’s currently connected population
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