DEI takes center stage at 2021 World Credit Union Conference

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) thought leader Raven Solomon helped credit union professionals get “future ready” in the second 2021 World Credit Union Conference (WCUC) keynote speech, which focused on generational equity.

Solomon explained how the modern workplace is probably more complicated than any before it, with four or five generations of workers from different racial and cultural backgrounds working alongside one another each day. Solomon said failing to recognize the communication issues that result from those differences can cause problems in talent retention and recruitment for an organization. Solomon also provided credit union professionals with advice and guidelines they can follow to leverage those generational differences.

“Cross-generational employee resource groups, reverse-mentoring programs where not just the older person is mentoring the younger person—but it goes in reverse—and generational trainings just like this to really help us increase the awareness around the differences that exist amongst us,” said Solomon, who whose keynote address was sponsored by PSCU.

A Wednesday evening DEI breakout session conducted by Synergy Consulting LLC President Tracie Daniels focused on how credit unions can manage implicit bias.


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