Déjà vu all over again: Countering cyber threats in 2016

Consider collaboration around cyber threats to spread both costs and expertise

The most notorious hack of 2015 might have involved the would-be-philanderers at ashleymadison.com.

Less salacious, but far more concerning, is the database breach at health insurer Anthem, where almost 80 million individual records were stored. And the big insurer was not the only target.

Add to the list organizations that should have known better, like the federal government’s HR department and, with no irony, cybersecurity consultancy Hacking Team.

If these organizations, with massive resources and top talent, can fall, what’s a credit union to do?

In 2015, Filene surveyed 148 credit union CEOs about their plans and concerns around payments. Apple Pay was new to the scene and the banking world was abuzz with possibilities.

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