Designers and techies come together to make wearables fashionable

Wearable technology and fashion are no longer mutually exclusive. As digital devices designed for the body evolve, they’re becoming more “chic,” even if still a bit “geek.”

There are even wearable technology fashion competitions. Wearables also made their way to this year’s London Fashion Week. At British designer Henry Holland’s show, Holland gifted 10 high-profile attendees with custom rings he designed in collaboration with Visa Europe, each with integrated contactless technology. Wearers could use the rings, which were preloaded with £500, to purchase items featured on the catwalk.

Clothing worn by the models was equipped with unique payment receiver tags, shaped like leaves, connected through Bluetooth technology to a Visa virtual payment terminal. Buyers simply held the ring close to the tag and transaction details were relayed backstage. The leaf-shaped payment tags actually lit up whenever a successful transaction was completed.

Steve Perry, founder and co-creator of Visa Europe Collab, worked with Holland to bring his wearable technology to London Fashion Week.

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