Destination CEO: taking a GPS-style kind of approach

Leaders seeking the top credit union spot, especially female execs, are well served to plan out their steps.

If you’re like most people today, you probably don’t even remember the last time you used a map. Maybe you referred to one in a guidebook when you were last on vacation, but on a day-to-day basis, GPS rules. A voice tells you to turn left in 50 feet, and that’s what you do. It’s easy, convenient, and it works.

For women seeking top credit union jobs, however, taking a GPS-style kind of approach could mean you never arrive.

CUES member Carol Galizia, president/CEO of $360 million LA Financial Credit Union, Pasadena, Calif., puts it succinctly: “Most important is creating the road map.”

Planning each step and turn in advance is important for men as well as women. But with fewer role models, the influences of society and, often, home considerations, mapping out a career route—and updating it often—is an absolute must for women.

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