Destroy the dinosaur wreaking havoc on your credit union

I’m not a fan of going to the movies. On the rare occasion I can get through the entire movie without falling asleep, I typically spend the 75 minutes in the theater pining over the $57.00 I spent on two small cokes and a tub of popcorn.

Despite my better judgment, I was recently duped into transporting my little monsters to this this year’s reboot of the popular dinosaur franchise, “Jurassic World”. In the movie, resurrecting extinct critters once again goes awry. But wait, there’s more! This time, there’s even more, stupid humans making a bad idea (bringing back dinosaurs) even worse by genetically engineering a bigger, scarier dinosaur.
Who didn’t shake their head at some point in the movie and think, someone’s about to get eaten?

Less than halfway through the movie, my sneaking suspicions were confirmed… regardless of how much people want it or have become accustomed to the idea, living with dinosaurs is disastrous. Here at Deluxe, that’s pretty much how we feel about using Microsoft Excel for performance management in the banking industry.

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