Develop your ‘leader voice’

The ability to speak effectively in public may well define your impact as a leader

“Every time you have to speak, you are auditioning for leadership.” ~ James Humes

Imagine you’re part of the leadership team of a credit union that has had its culture change (and not in a good way) by a merger. After redefining the culture and considering options for rolling it out, the leadership team decides to have the CEO record a video message that is shared with all staff in a series of events involving all areas of the credit union.

This was a great decision!

The voice and video message feels personal because the CEO’s passion shows, because he tells some real-life stories, and because the message is consistent. If the message had been delivered in writing or in someone else’s voice, the impact would not have been the same.

Indeed, the leader’s voice plays a critical role in the success of any business. Whether articulating a vision for the credit union, delivering on-the-spot recognition to an employee for a job well done, responding to a customer complaint, or presenting quarterly results to the board, the leader must be able to deliver the message effectively.

Not surprisingly, leaders (at all levels) struggle with speaking in “public”—whether communicating one on one with a team member, correcting course in a meeting, or making key announcements in front of the full staff.

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