Developers map the quickest route to the connected car

Coders tackle problems driving commuters crazy.

Road warriors get ready. Solutions to drivers’ biggest complaints may not be far in the future if the winning hacks at Code AutoMobility LA are any indication.

Perhaps the most surprising presentation was a vehicle-to-vehicle communication app that would allow one driver to pay another for the privilege of merging on the highway. “I will allow you to cut in front of me for $5.”

Some competitors were thinking three lanes outside the box. One team’s proposal would allow for in-vehicle access when the driver isn’t around, enabling a designated stranger to open the trunk to retrieve an item while the driver is at work.

Another group devised a multitasking app that could conceivably improve local infrastructure. Drivers could snap photos of potholes they encounter, then send them to the city with the possibility of being rewarded for their diligence.


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