Developing Young Professionals

By Kristin Ryan

I love that CUES hires members of Gen Y that bust the stereotype. People 35-and-under at CUES don’t have the much touted “young people” qualities of not working hard and thinking they’re entitled to things for free, as many articles on the subject state.

A colleague and I got to talking one day about how much we enjoy working with the other CUES Gen Y staffers, and what could be done to cement the relationship between CUES and these able employees. After all, they’re the kind of people my colleague and I would like to still be working with a decade from now.

Out of this conversation (and knowledge of what 2011 CUES Next Top Credit Union Exec Devin Selte has done to help develop young professionals at his credit union), CUES’ Young Professionals group was born. Almost a dozen of us have met monthly six times now, with the idea of getting these talented folks out from behind their desks to a place where they can learn–and laugh–with like-minded contemporaries.

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