DFS clarifies zombie property exemption

Yesterday the Department of Financial Services finalized its Zombie Property regulations and clarified the exemption standard applicable to most credit unions.  This is a big help since it is now clear precisely what institutions are exempt.

The Governor also released a consumer Bill Of Rights for residents facing foreclosure.  It is yet another piece of paper to be provided to individuals facing foreclosure.

As all New Yorkers reading this blog should know, NY legislation set to take effect December 20th imposes obligations on lenders to maintain abandoned property upon which they have not yet foreclosed.  The good news is that the legislature exempted credit unions and banks that do a smaller volume of mortgage lending from these requirements. Unfortunately, the proposed exemption language was as clear as mud. Without clarification, institutions that the legislature intended to exempt from maintenance requirements would have found themselves having to comply with them. The DFS recognized this problem and made a helpful amendment.

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