Digital marketing advice from a former ‘annoying’ salesman

Technology-fueled connections are changing the face of marketing.

Sam Mallikarjunan’s entry into digital marketing was anything but typical: Selling health insurance from the VIP lounge of a cigar bar.

“Paying for coffee and cigars is cheaper than renting an office,” he explains.

When the bar’s owner asked for help with e-commerce and digital marketing, Mallikarjunan rose to the challenge.

“I was generally familiar with the technology,” he says. “I was a digital native, and I was building websites on my own. So I ended up helping that store, and then a bunch of other cigar manufacturers and retailers with their digital marketing.”

Now, Mallikarjunan is an executive strategist at the inbound marketing firm Hubspot, marketing instructor at Harvard University’s Division of Continuing Education, and author of the book, “How to Sell Better Than Amazon.”


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