Digital strategies for recruiting top talent

You believe in your company, your product, and your employees, and work hard to provide a positive work environment. However, it may be a challenge to promote your company’s culture and atmosphere to job candidates who have never interacted directly with your company. To maintain the positive work environment you’ve worked so hard to create and find top talent to fill your job openings, take a closer look at your digital strategies for recruitment before you post anything online.

Here are five proven digital strategies to optimize your website and third party recruitment profiles to find the right people to fill your vacancies.

Write Accurate and Honest Job Descriptions

This may seem like an elementary tip, but it’s astonishing how many companies simply copy similar job descriptions from other companies, throw in some buzzwords and jargon, and call it done. This apparent time-saver can harm you in the long run by creating confusion, receiving unqualified applicants (or even no applicants at all), and potentially unhappy future employees who feel they’ve been duped by a misleading job description.

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